How to Evaluate Board Portal Providers

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In order to have a productive board meeting, it’s crucial that administrators as well as members of the board have access to reliable access to meeting materials. A board portal online allows them to prepare and share board packets and agendas, distribute agendas, take minutes of meetings, and much more in one place. This centralization of important information can save organizations a lot of time.

Evaluation of board portal providers is an important aspect for businesses seeking to improve their board governance processes and outcomes. An in-depth evaluation can help organizations choose the best solution for their budget and needs.

Security is an important consideration for any company considering board portal software. Because sensitive information is always in danger from cyberattacks an encrypted board portal is essential for keeping meetings private and protecting privacy of data. Choose a vendor that provides an industry-leading security protocol set including a closed API infrastructure to ward off leaks of data, two factor authentication, and a permanent purge feature that removes comments, annotations and discussions permanently.

A business should also consider how user-friendly the board portal is. The more intuitive and straightforward the software is for all users is the more likely to be adopted. Find a vendor who gives a demo version to allow you to experience the software for yourself and see if it will meet your board’s usability requirements.

In the end, it is crucial to look into a portal for boards vendor’s reputation and customer support. Consider calling the vendor’s support line to test their response time and find out how well they are able to answer questions about the software. Find vendors that offer training and onboarding for all users. This can ease the initial learning curve, and ensure that the user is successful.

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