Would You Allow Us to Degrade Ourselves for You Master Butao?


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Butao is a good for nothing fat masochist who is a part of the student council, when the Student Council President, Kokoro Himegi, and the Student Council Vice-President, Chacha Ninomaru, who are also masochists confessed their feelings to Butao, how can three masochists possibly be together? Find out how the Student Council President and Vice President trains Butao to become the sadist they want him to be.


Japanese Title: 遜らせてください豚男様 / Herikudarasetekudasai, Butaosama.
Author: 眠井ねる / Nemui Neru
Circle: スタジオ・ダイヤ / Studio Diamond
Page: 35
Original Publication: 08/2019

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