The Prim and Proper Slutty Mother and Daughter Who Flash Me Their Sexy Underwear at Every Opportunity


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Akira Seto is part of the disciplinary committee, would he be able to resist the temptation of his childhood friend Hare Yuuzora and her mom Fukayuki advances?


Japanese Title: 隙あらばエロい下着を見せつけてくる清楚ビッチ母娘。~私たちを調教してください~ / Suki Araba Eroi Shitagi o Misetsukete Kuru Seiso Bitch Hahako. ~Watashi-tachi o Choukyou Shite Kudasai~
Author: 眠井ねる / Nemui Neru
Circle: スタジオ・ダイヤ / Studio Diamond
Page: 41
Original Publication: 10/2018

SKU: DJN-DGL-00022

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